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Comparative Study of National Fire Safety Requirements on High-Rise Residential Buildings

23 October 2020

On Friday, October 9, the report of the comparative study of national fire safety requirements part one – High-Rise residential buildings was published.

This report was put together thanks to the input of the European Fire Safety Community Advisory Panel on facades and provides data on 19 countries’ requirements.

The report highlights key trends: 75% of respondents indicated that there are no requirements for sprinklers in high-rise buildings in their country, for example.

This report, focusing on high-rise residential buildings, is the first in a series of three. Another questionnaire will open shortly, this time dedicated to national fire safety requirements for hospitals. The third part will be dedicated to schools.

The aim of this study is to enable us to share knowledge and better understand what different countries are doing in terms of fire safety. In this spirit, don’t hesitate to provide feedback or additional data on the report, and to participate in the next phases of the study.

Download PDF • 1.06MB

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