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Fire Safe Europe

Fire Safe Europe is a European association representing companies and professional organisations aiming to improve fire safety of buildings. Fire Safe Europe's mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society by advocating, raising awareness, collecting data, and connecting the fire safety community.

Fires in buildings are now more prominent, more unpredictable, and more dangerous than ever before. Unfortunately, European citizens do not always experience an adequate level of fire safety protection in buildings. Fire Safe Europe intends to change this status quo by working with experts, policy and decision makers, to ensure that people and communities across Europe are safe from fire in every building they spend time in.

Advocating for more fire safety of buildings

European and national legislations on the built environment have a significant impact on the fire safety of our buildings. For this reason, Fire Safe Europe’s role is to advocate for better standards and regulations on fire safety at all levels.

Our positions are built through the active participation of our members and then represented at the highest political level through the continuous exchange with European institutions and stakeholders.

Collecting & Consolidating Data

Solid and comparable datasets are crucial to take knowledge-based decisions regarding fire safety at the national and EU levels regarding building fires. However, European data on fire safety are limited due to the lack of a harmonised approach among Member States. Each country has its own way of collecting data connected to fire and it is difficult for companies to know where to find them.

For this reason, Fire Safe Europe positions itself as a one-stop-shop for fire safety regulatory data. We collect, analyse and consolidate data, and monitor best practices from all EU Member States. With our National Networks, we constantly monitor and exchange on national regulations. Thanks to the “Comparative study of national fire safety requirements”, our members have access to a living document, frequently updated with our analysis based on compared national legislation.


Raising Awareness About Fire Safety

Although fire safety impacts every building and every citizen in the EU, it remains a niche topic in the EU political arena. Thus, one of Fire Safe Europe’s key roles is to raise awareness on fire safety in buildings, thanks to online and in-person campaigns targeting EU and national regulators. To do so, we are organizing topical webinars and events, in which we are inviting experts from all over the continent. We also couple these activities with targeted social media campaigns and press releases.

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