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The Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP)

The Fire Exchange Platform (FIEP) was created by the European Commission DG Grow in 2017 thanks to the work of the European Parliament which debated fire safety in buildings at a plenary session in September 2017.

The Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP)’s objectives are to stimulate the cooperation among the Member States as well as to allow the exchange of best practices and lessons learnt between the Member States and relevant stakeholders in the field of fire safety.

The areas of collaboration that the FIEP members pinpointed are:

  • Lessons Learned: Exchange of experiences from fire accidents (Project team 1)

  • New Products: Regulatory approach for new products and high-rise buildings (Project team 2)

  • Fire Prevention: Application of fire prevention principles (Project team 3)

  • Fire Safety Engineering: Use of fire engineering approach in building regulations

  • Data Collection: Common terminology and fire statistics (Supported by the European Parliament)

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Since February 2021, Fire Safe Europe is a member of the European Construction, built environment and energy-efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP), an industry-led stakeholder fora recognised by the European Commission.


ECTP was launched in 2004 in order to better connect the European Built Environment and mainly focuses on:

  • Active Ageing & Design (AA&D);

  • Digital Built Environment (DBE);

  • Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B);

  • Heritage & Regeneration (H&R);

  • Infrastructure & Mobility (I&M);

  • Materials & Sustainability (M&S).


Within ECTP, Fire Safe Europe engages more specifically with the Committees dedicated to “Energy Efficiency Buildings” and “Materials & Sustainability” and share its expertise on the synergies between these topics and fire safety.

ECTP was also actively engaged in the design of the European research funding programme for 2021-2027, Horizon Europe. ECTP was in particular involved with Horizon Europe’s proposal “Built4people”, which adopts a people-centric approach to the built environment. This approach is aligned with Fire Safe Europe mission “to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society”. That’s why, through its ECTP membership, Fire Safe Europe aims to bring a fire safety dimension to the projects focusing on topics like digitalisation, research and innovation.

Fire Sector Federation (FSF)

Fire Safe Europe is a European association representing companies and professional organisations aiming to improve fire safety of buildings. Fire Safe Europe's mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society by advocating, raising awareness, collecting data, and connecting the fire safety community.

Fires in buildings are now more prominent, more unpredictable, and more dangerous than ever before. Unfortunately, European citizens do not always experience an adequate level of fire safety protection in buildings. Fire Safe Europe intends to change this status quo by working with experts, policy and decision makers, to ensure that people and communities across Europe are safe from fire in every building they spend time in.

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