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REPLAY AVAILABLE: Webinar on Fire Safety and Subsidiarity

Fire Safe Europe

15 Nov 2023

Rewatch the event held at the European Fire Safety Week 2023!

The webinar held during the European Fire Safety Week 2023 discussed the intricate relationship between fire safety and the principle of subsidiarity within the EU's legislative framework. Organised by Fire Safe Europe, the European Fire Safety Alliance, and Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety, the event aimed to delve into the EU's competencies regarding fire safety, as outlined in the EU treaties, and explore possible actions at the EU level.

If you missed it or want to rewatch it:

🔥 The Need to Act:

The EU faces an important fire safety challenge, with nearly 5,000 fire-related casualties annually in domestic buildings, highlighting the urgency for action.

🚨 Challenges in Fire Safety:

- Unmitigated Risks: A combination of factors like obsolete electrical installations, lack of smoke alarms, substandard housing, and the flammability of everyday items significantly increase fire risks.

- New Challenges: The deployment of technologies such as PV panels and EV charging points, alongside Europe's aging demographic, introduces new risks and complexities in fire safety management.

⚖️ EU Responsibility:

Fire safety is primarily the responsibility of Member States. However, the EU can play a crucial coordinating role in areas like tourism, the internal market, energy, environment, human health, and consumer protection. Participants advocated for EU action when it is necessary and adds value, particularly in supporting and coordinating member states' actions.

📜 EU Involvement:

Both legislative and non-legislative actions were discussed as potential EU responses, depending on the specific area of competence.

🤝 Collaborative Approach:

A concerted effort involving EU institutions, Member States, and stakeholders is essential to keep EU citizens fire safe in all buildings.

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