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FPA’s Recommendations for Fire Safety with PV Panel Installations

Fire Safe Europe

28 Feb 2023

To mitigate fire risks, the Fire Protection Association (FPA) has recently published the Joint Code of Practice for fire safety with photovoltaic (PV) panel installations.

The Code was revised by RISCAuthority and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), with the support of Solar Energy UK. This document highlights that adding a PV system to a building that is not correctly designed, installed, or maintained could, like any electrical service, add to the overall risk of fire. More specifically, it focuses on fire safety for commercial and industrial rooftop mounted PV installationsand considers weather-related hazards as well as general security concerns. The primary focus of this Risk Control (RC) document is the prevention and mitigation of fires involving PV systems. The Code applies to all project stages: planning, procurement, design, installation, operation, and maintenance. However, the recommendations in this guide are not intended for single residence dwellings (detached or connected) or roof-integrated PV panel systems (i.e. those where the PV panels form part of the building envelope).

RC62 - Recommendations for fire safety with PV panel installations
Download PDF • 7.00MB

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