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Experts Talk: How Digitalisation Impacts Fire Safety?

Fire Safe Europe

10 May 2022

In May 2022, Fire Safe Europe spoke at an event on digitalisation impact on fire safety.

For this webinar, Siemens invited fire safety experts from diverse horizons to share their views on the impact of digitalisation on Fire Safety: IoT-enabled solutions, preventive maintenance and other buzzwords used in Fire Safety digitalisation, and what is at stake? 


The four panellists, including Eugenio Quintieri (Managing Director of Fire Safe Europe), explored the impact of optimized performance and enhanced maintenance on smart buildings, highlighting the benefits for professionals and end-users alike. FSEU presented the European perspective on the digitalisation of the construction sector: the role of BIM, introduction to the digital logbook, misconceptions and challenges for the sector.

To request the full webinar replay, click here.

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