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European Commission Trainings on Digitalisation in Construction

Fire Safe Europe

2 Feb 2023

As part of its project on the digitalisation of construction small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), the European Commission is offering free online trainings until April 2023.

These webinars will last up to two hours and will be carried out in several European languages. Moreover, they focus on various topics, such as how specific digital technologies can support construction SMEs in design, engineering, construction, renovation, operation and maintenance. More specifically, they cover six main topics:

  1. Why do you need a digital transformation strategy

  2. How to remove cultural barriers towards digitalisation

  3. How to start integrating digital technologies

  4. Introduction of digital technologies supporting design & engineering 

  5. Introduction of digital technologies supporting construction & renovation

  6. Introduction of digital technologies supporting operation & maintenance

For more information about the training sessions and the full calendar, click here.

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