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Euronews interview on how the EU can address the fire safety of EV recharging points

21 Sept 2023

Our Managing Director was interviewed by Euronews on a crucial topic: Fire Safety in the Age of Electric Vehicles🔌

In the interview, Eugenio presents the work of the European Commission’s Taskforce developing guidelines to ensure fire safety for recharging infrastructure and electric vehicles in underground and above ground covered parking areas.

Fire Safe Europe is member and active co-leader of the Taskforce, together with other relevant organisations such as AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility and Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety.

Here are some key takeaways from Eugenio's insights:

🔹The EU has a pivotal role in supporting and coordinating, offering guidance to Member States on ensuring fire safety for these new sustainable solutions

🔹Coordination across the EU is essential for EV users. They should be able to travel freely without facing varying restrictions

🔹Fire Safe Europe emphasizes the high risks of fires in confined spaces, like parking garages, due to their propensity to spread rapidly and the inherent difficulties in extinguishing them

🔹We urgently need robust data on EV-involved fires. The EU can champion this cause by standardizing methodologies for data collection on such fires

🔗Read the article and watch the video:

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