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EPBD Revision: Bridging the Gap in Fire Safety and Energy Efficiency

21 Dec 2023

Read our assessment on the latest revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

On December 7th, the EU co-legislators finalized an agreement on updating the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), guided by the Spanish Presidency of the Council.

Fire Safe Europe welcomes the recent revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) as a step further in the continuous effort to imrpove building safety and energy efficiency in the European Union.

Please find below our take:

Fire safety and electrification of buildings

The revised EPBD brings a comprehensive approach to fire safety, particularly in response to the challenges posed by the electrification of buildings. This revision, specifically through Recital 28e, recognizes the increased fire safety risks associated with the integration of technologies such as heat pumps, solar installations, and electric vehicle charging points.

Fire safety in car parks

The EPBD revision includes new mandates for the European Commission and Member States to enhance fire safety measures. Notably, through Article 12, Paragraph 8, the Commission is tasked with publishing guidance on fire safety in car parks by the end of 2025. Concurrently, Article 26, Paragraph 3 of the EPBD calls on Member States to provide robust training and guidance on fire safety, ensuring professionals are well-equipped to tackle modern building safety challenges.

Sustaining fire safety across renovations and new constructions

The EPBD continues to emphasize the importance of fire safety in both renovation projects and new building constructions, ensuring that fire safety remains a paramount concern across various building projects. This includes maintaining strict fire safety measures from the initial design phase to extensive renovations, as highlighted in Articles 7 and 8, which deal with fire safety in new buildings and renovation strategies, respectively.

Conclusion: A Progressive Step in Building Safety but Implementation will be crucial

Eugenio Quintieri stated: “We welcome the EPBD revision as a progressive step in building safety. However, it will be crucial to monitor the EPBD implementation to make sure that fire safety is taken in due consideration while making EU buildings more energy-efficient”

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