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EPBD Revision: A Crucial Opportunity for Sustainable Buildings

Fire Safe Europe

6 Apr 2022

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) welcomes the revision of the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) proposed by the European Commission, as a steppingstone towards improved energy efficiency of European buildings.

Coupled with the recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the European Union has now a crucial opportunity to improve fire safety for people and society.

In light of this, Fire Safe Europe puts forward several proposals to better integrate fire safety into the EPBD and ensure the long-term resilience of the EU building stock, amongst which:

  • Fire safety should be a mandatory indicator in the template for national building renovation plans of EU Member States – with detailed reporting requirements;

  • Member States shall take the necessary measures to inform citizens on the different methods and practices that serve to enhance fire safety while improving the energy performance of buildings, especially for vulnerable households;

  • Member States shall put in place inspection schemes or alternative measures including digital tools, to certify that the delivered construction and renovation works meet national fire safety regulations;

  • Guidance and training to construction professionals should also address fire safety;

  • Renovation passports should also include guidance and information on how to improve fire safety;

  • Member States should offer technical assistance on fire safety for building owners and tenants wishing to install PV panels, heat pumps, recharging points, batteries etc.

Eugenio Quintieri, FSEU’s Managing Director, commented: “The revision of the EPBD will shape the present and future status of our homes as well as the well-being of many generations of European citizens. We cannot lose this key opportunity to enhance fire safety on our road to reduce carbon emissions: the sustainable buildings of tomorrow must be fire safe and resilient”


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