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🔥 EU 2024-2029 Manifesto: Joint Call for a EU Fire Safety Strategy

Fire Safe Europe

21 Nov 2023

Read the Joint call to the European institutions to prioritize fire safety in buildings!


Ahead of the 2024 European Parliament elections, Fire Safe Europe and other seventeen organizations representing consumers, fire experts and industries and to develop and promote a consistent strategy with Member States for the fire safety of all people who live and work in buildings.

Read the Manifesto:

🏠 The need to act: EU citizens, who spend 90% of their time indoors, are facing a silent crisis. Each year, the EU reports approximately 5000 fire-related casualties in domestic settings. These tragic incidents are often a result of outdated electrical systems, flammable household items, and inadequate safety measures in buildings.

🌱 Green Deal & Fire Risks: As the EU marches towards its Green Deal goals, new fire risks emerge, particularly from the electrification of buildings. Innovations like solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and heat pumps, while essential for reducing carbon emissions, also bring potential fire hazards due to increased electrical loads and maintenance challenges.

🧓 Demographic and Climate Challenges: Our aging population and those living in conditions of energy poverty are at higher risk. Furthermore, climate change is creating more unpredictable and fire-prone conditions, complicating evacuation and firefighting efforts.


🇪🇺 Why EU Leadership is Essential: Fire safety intersects with several of the EU's core goals, including the free movement of people and reaching the objectives of the EU Green Deal. The EU's role is critical in ensuring consistent safety levels across all Member States and integrating fire safety into its broader agenda for sustainable and safe living environments.

📄 Our Manifesto for Fire Safety: We call for the European Institutions to develop together with Member States a comprehensive EU FIRE SAFETY STRATEGY including ten priority areas.

Keeping EU Citizens Fire Safe in All Buildings - EU Manifesto for 2024-2029
Download PDF • 2.16MB

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