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The Battery Fires Report Launched by the EU Commission

11 March 2021


The FIEP webinar on battery fires was held on 04/03/21 with the participation of nearly 90 members. Mr Heikki Vaananen from the European Commission DG GROW and the technical secretariat led by Efectis presented the first draft of the report initiated by the European Commission in July 2019.

Three points were raised: available statistics means of extinction and the adequacy of legislation. Only seven Member States responded, pointing to a lack of available data, extinguishing measures using powder and water and considering that electrical fires were adequately covered by existing legislation.

The speakers were able to demonstrate an emergence and a specificity of this type of fire, highlighting the need for research on the phenomenon to ensure better management. Brigade representatives from Spain, Sweden and Norway presented their feedback and suggestions.

Download PDF • 547KB

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